Content Writing

Professional Copy Writing on demand

Content is required in many different formats, in a digital age we need to be providing unique content that the reader finds controversial, interesting or compelling, this is the first rule of all copy writing. Achieving success with content isn’t about filling a page full of words it’s about adding value to the reader, and prompting them to share or act on this value. Only then will content really bring you success via Search Engines, Email Marketing, Blogs and PR


Delivering regular communications about your industry, daily activities, your team, plus most importantly new products and services is essential when you want customers to return and search engines to keep indexing your website at regular intervals.

Copy writing must meet the needs of the reader primarily but also deliver important messages to the search engines, that means writing interesting articles while covering important keywords and long tail phrases. We recommend at least one blog every three days around 10 per month as a minimum, however 1 every business day tends to be more powerful. Our blog/article packages start at just £199.99+vat per month.

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Website Page Content

Describing your product or service in a simple easy to read non complex manner can be difficult. It’s much easier to tell someone, bullet point the benefits or show pictures. Getting the text to flow is always the hardest part, you don’t want to undersell it, nor do you want to drown potential clients in reams of detail.

Along with impressing potential clients you must also impress the search engines, as your web pages are the ultimate source a crawler will look for categories and keywords to index your product or service correctly. We will research and deliver a 400-450 word web page for under £20!

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Email & Flyer Marketing

Marketing your business is crucial, paying for it is brutal, and getting it wrong is unforgiving. We can create fantastic marketing emails with both content and graphical appeal. The best bit is the price because On Your Mind can create online email newsletters for £99.99+vat


Number of articles ordered

# of words per article Up to 50 51 to 100 101 to 250 251 to 500 501 to 1000 1000+
200 words £16.20 £15.48 £15.12 £14.85 £14.76 £14.40
300 words £18.90 £17.91 £17.37 £16.83 £16.29 £15.75
400 words £20.70 £20.16 £19.44 £18.72 £18.00 £17.28
500 words £22.50 £21.60 £19.70 £19.80 £19.35 £18.90
600 words £24.30 £23.31 £22.50 £21.51 £21.51 £20.79
700 words £26.10 £25.07 £24.12 £23.31 £23.04 £22.59
800 words £27.90 £27.00 £26.01 £25.29 £24.75 £24.26
900 words £29.70 £28.44 £27.63 £27.09 £26.55 £26.10
1000 words £31.50 £30.00 £30.00 £29.50 £29.50 £29.00
prices are per unit and exclude VAT at 20%